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Opus Ruri, young Marche's firm present in market since first months of 2011, combines technology and traditional experience in order to create top-quality cosmetics and nutritional supplements made with safe natural ingredients, carefully selected and controlled, processed in its own laboratories following good-production practises and the specifications provided by the European Pharmacopoeia.
Thanks to the cooperation of field experts and to the peculiarity of the corporate structure, who possesses important chemical-pharmacological, administrative, medical, environmental, nutritional and juridical skills, OPUS RURI works to provide its customer with Quality – Effectiveness – Safety.

Its products, results of internal research and careful testing, fully exploit a new concept of natural synergism geared to ensuring a biomolecular approach, that aims to offer natural innovative and effective remedies to preserve and restore the balance of the whole human body, making use of raw materials from biological cultures and unique formulations.
All Opus Ruri cosmetics, are dermatologically tested (not on animals), hypo-allergenic and free of colourings, opacifiers, perfumes, petroleum derivatives, parabens, texturizings, solvents and silicones.
The main component of each product, both nutritional supplement and cosmetic, is Aloe, one of the most used and interesting plants from the point of view of international pharmacology, in its varieties True and Arborescens, from time to time enriched and enhanced by the synergic action of selected natural principles.

The firm directly produces all listed products and can also guarantee an on-demand production. In addiction, it provides for the storage and the preservation of the products in its own strictly controlled warehouses.
The company commercializes its products through Pharmacies, Medical supply stores and Parapharmacies. It also has a network of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives currently working in central Italy and expanding in other Italian regions.